How to Avoid Sending Furniture to the Landfill

An image of a living room with a dining table.

Furniture can be a tricky item to dispose of properly, as it is often large and bulky. However, there are several methods to avoid sending furniture to the landfill:

1. Donate: If your furniture is in good condition and still usable, consider donating it to a local charity or thrift store. Many organizations accept furniture donations and will find new homes for them.

2. Sell or Trade: If you prefer to recoup some of the cost of your furniture, you can sell it through online marketplaces or hold a garage sale. Additionally, you can trade it with someone else who may be interested in exchanging their own furniture.

3. Repurpose: Get creative and repurpose your old furniture. If it's a wooden piece, you can sand and refinish it to give it a fresh look. You can also repurpose furniture for storage or other functions in your home.

If your furniture is no longer usable or in poor condition, it may need to be disposed of. Check with your local waste management facility to see if they accept furniture for recycling or proper disposal. Some facilities have specific guidelines or designated drop-off locations for furniture.