How to Dispose of Soiled Paper Responsibly

A picture of a pizza and frittata.

When it comes to recycling, it's important to know how to properly dispose of different materials. Soiled paper, such as greasy pizza boxes or paper towels with food residue, cannot be recycled along with clean paper. However, there are still environmentally-friendly options for handling this type of paper waste:

  • Composting: Soiled paper can be composted along with other organic waste. Simply tear or shred the paper into smaller pieces and add it to your compost pile or bin. Make sure to mix it well with other compostable materials to help it decompose properly.
  • Landfill: If composting is not an option for you, soiled paper can be disposed of in the regular trash and sent to the landfill. Although this is not the most sustainable option, it is better than contaminating the recycling stream with food residues.