How to Avoid Landfill with Paper Receipts

An image displaying a document or receipt made of paper.

When it comes to paper receipts, there are a few different methods to avoid landfill responsibly:

  • Opt for digital receipts whenever possible. Many stores now offer the option to receive receipts via email or in-app, reducing the need for paper receipts.
  • If you do receive a paper receipt, check if it can be recycled. Paper receipts that are clean and free of contaminants can typically be recycled with other paper products.
  • If the paper receipt is not recyclable, consider reusing it for various purposes. You can use it as a bookmark, jot down notes on the back, or even use it for scrap paper.
  • For paper receipts that cannot be recycled or reused, dispose of them in the regular trash bin. Although not the ideal solution, throwing them in the trash is the last resort.