How to Responsibly Dispose of Paper Mache

A person's hand holding a brush.

When it comes to paper mache, there are a few responsible methods to properly dispose of or recycle the items:

  • Reuse: Paper mache items can often be reused or repurposed before being discarded. If your paper mache creation is in good condition, consider donating it to a school, theater, or community center that can use it for art projects or props.
  • Recycle: If the paper mache item is no longer usable, it can be recycled as mixed paper. Remove any excess glue or other decorations before recycling. Check with your local recycling center or municipality for specific guidelines on recycling paper mache in your area.

Paper mache is not considered hazardous or a safety risk, so it can be handled and disposed of like regular paper. Remember to always reduce, reuse, and recycle to minimize waste and protect the environment.