Responsible Ways to Dispose of Contact Lenses

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Did you know that contact lenses can be recycled? Instead of throwing them in the trash, here are some responsible methods to dispose of contact lenses:

1. Contact Lens Recycling Programs

Many contact lens manufacturers and retailers have recycling programs in place. They collect used contact lenses and packaging, and then recycle them properly. Check with your optometrist or contact lens supplier to see if they offer a recycling program.

2. Terracycle® Contact Lens Recycling Program

Terracycle® is an innovative company that offers recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle items. They have a contact lens recycling program where you can mail in your used contact lenses, blister packs, and foil tops. Visit the Terracycle® website for more information and to sign up for their program.

3. Donation or Reuse

If your contact lenses are still in good condition and within their expiration date, consider donating them. Some organizations collect unused contact lenses and distribute them to people in need. You can also ask your optometrist if they accept donations of gently used contact lenses.

Remember, contact lenses are small and can easily end up in the landfill if not disposed of properly. By recycling or donating them, you can help reduce waste and give them a second life.