Ways to Avoid Sending Greeting Cards to the Landfill

A mailbox and a person.

When it comes to greeting cards, there are several responsible ways to avoid sending them to the landfill. First, consider recycling them. Most greeting cards are made of paper, which can be recycled. However, if the cards have glitter, foil, or embellishments, they may not be recyclable and should be thrown away.

If the greeting cards are still in good condition, another option is to donate them. Many organizations accept used greeting cards for reuse. These cards can be repurposed for arts and crafts projects or sent to individuals who may not be able to afford new cards.

It is important to note that some greeting cards may contain hazardous materials, such as batteries. If a greeting card plays music or lights up, it likely contains a small battery. These cards should not be placed in regular recycling bins but should be taken to designated battery recycling drop-off locations.